The Artist:

Welcome to the artworks (artscapes) of T.O.L.A. ( Theatre of life artistry).

The Galleries within hold the brushstokes of literally thousands of people, all composed live at the event under the hand of the artist Bob Gammage. He has his own gallery and his original artscapes all carry a Certificate of Authenticity.

Bob is a colourist, creating images you can step into. He is a painter, writer, philosopher and sculptor.......a bohemian who lives where his feet are, and he endevours to abide by one rule no harm.

Heirloom Artscapes Commissioned events of weddings, birthdays and personal special occassions can all bear brushstokes of most of those in attendance and personalised messages on the reverse from thier guests. So... as you browse though the galleries consider if an Heirloom Artscape would be the perfect gift for your occassion, or a captured record of one moment in your life.

Live Events Artscapes of upcoming events can also be commissioned, Jazz festivals,Musters, Golf courses, Medieval Tournaments, Festivals, Restaurants , Circus Performances, Triathlons, Surf Carnivals in fact almost any community orientated event.

Bob has travelled Internationally and over most of Australia capturing community events on behalf of individuals and a wide range of charities. He has created over five hundred artscapes . His dedication to community organisations of all sizes has seen him paint for Transplant Australia, The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Queensland Cancer Fund, Vision Australia Local Charity Fundraisers, K.I.D.S. Foundation Care Flight Australia, Leukemia Foundation,Schools and dozens of other charities His distinctive individual style called T.O.L.A., is unique, and his artscapes bear testimony to the quality of atmosphere captured.

"We all leave brushstrokes behind to guide future generations back through our historic meanderings. We are the palette of our ancestry, the colours of the moment, and the embryonic stage of our future artscape."


To contact the Artist direct:
PO Box 362 Eumundi 4562 Queensland Australia
Ph 04 1528 3252

Bookings essential for commisions, promo DVDs now available.

Book launch:

"Stories from the house of Tola", late 2008.

Now issuing certificates of authenticity.